Where to Buy a Used iPod Nano in the UK

If you are searching for places to buy a used iPod nano, explore the Apple webstore (store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/specialdeals/ipod/ipod_nano) for good deals. For £109, get yourself a refurbished iPod nano and choose from different colours in green, yellow, silver, black, and pink. A brand new iPod nano 8GB costs £131 saving you £22 or 16%.

Featuring a big storage space, listen to your music, podcasts, and audiobooks in great comfort with this incredibly lightweight device. It has also an FM radio, LivePause and a pedometer that is useful for keeping track of distances during sports running or jogging.

Add a bit more and for £139, expand your iPod Nano's memory to 16GB. A new and unused device costs £163. Available in cool colours of orange, pink, silver, blue, and green, this power packed device lets you listen to any audio material in style and comfort.

All refurbished iPod nano models carry a one year certificate of warranty that will protect you from malfunctioning devices. If anything goes wrong, you can always send it back to the store for exchange or replacement.

Gumtree (gumtree.com) has also previously owned iPods for sale from an iPod touch to an iPod nano. If you are lucky, you can get an unused iPod nano 16GB for £95.

Take a look as well at Preloved (preloveduk.co.uk) that offers second hand stuff including an iPod nano.  For £64.99, purchase an iPod nano 3rd Generation 8GB in black or a 16GB of the same colour for £100.

Don't rule out Amazon (amazon.co.uk) as a place to buy a used iPod nano where you can get hold of a black iPod for £64.99. Buying second hand means substantial savings that could pay for your collection of songs and videos making your listening experience an inexpensive one.

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