Buy newspaper, get free Android tablet! Well, sort of.

The Future of Journalism has been one of the hot topics for people who like to pontificate about technology for two or three years now. And when the iPad launched last year, tablets were supposed to solve everything, with customers who wouldn't pay for content on the web supposedly being willing to pay for it in app form.

So far it's not totally clear that's happened - sales of Rupert Murdoch's The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper, have been a bit meh. (Perhaps they need to hack some phones.) So two Philadelphia newspapers are trying something new: they're reportedly planning to sell discounted Android tablets with built-in subscriptions to their apps. 'This new model will allow the media company to earn revenue from ads placed on these tablet’s homescreens, but also gain valuable insight through the bundled media apps about how consumers digest digital content,' points out CrunchGear.

There's no word yet on which tablet they'll offer or how discounted it'll be. But we reckon this could be a preview of a future model where consumers get a free tablet when they sign up to a year of some sort of magazine subscription. We quite like the idea of getting a free tablet with our Time magazine subscription, instead of just getting dead-tree editions every week through the post we never read...

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