What to watch for when you buy a mobile phone handset only

Are you sick of mobile phone providers only offering their very best handsets on lengthy contract deals that leave you locked in for a few years? If you have a spare bit of cash, you can save money in the long run if you buy a mobile phone handset only. Getting one of these phones is a simple process, but unfortunately they can cost a little extra than your bog standard pay as you go phone.

Like most people looking for an iPhone, you've probably noticed how expensive they are on pay as you go. Apple sell the phone direct from their own website at store.apple.com/uk, and the good news is that the sim free model costs pretty much exactly the same as one locked into a network. So if you aren't on a provider that offers the iPhone, you can still pick one up for a decent price.

If you are immune to the charms of Apple's media behemoth and are looking for other types of phones, then we recommend you check out Clove Technology, who you can find online at www.clove.co.uk. Clove are the UK's online specialist in sim free smart phones, and they carry all the latest models from Samsung, HTC and Motorola available for extremely reasonable prices.

In a lot of cases, due to Clove's low prices, the amount you end up paying for one of their sim free phones will be comparable and even sometimes lower than what you are being quoted for the same phone on pay as you go, so they are well worth a look!

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