Why You Should Buy Microsoft Word 2009

Many people tell you to buy Microsoft Word 2009 without giving you the right reasons as to why you should do so. Here’s why we think it's a great purchase...

Best Office Software

Microsoft never fails to impress and with this version of Microsoft office, they have succeeded once again in impressing us all. The new Microsoft Word 2009 is just a small part of the complete Microsoft Office software pack. With a number of significant improvements added, the new Word 2009 software succeeds in making word processing much easier.

New Office Button

While the old Microsoft Word was satisfactory at best, it was very user friendly. The new Microsoft Word 2009 builds on the user-friendliness with a number of new features that add to the overall user experience. One new feature is the completely new Office button located at the top left corner of the Word document. One of the most annoying problems with older versions of Word was the lack of a common area to access all the important features that you might need while working on your document. The new office button improves on this by consolidating all important features into one button.

Additional Features

The other notable new feature is the advanced document processing facilities such as the ability to save documents in different word formats and templates. This enables you to save documents in such a way that they will be accessible to older versions of Word. The user interface features commonly accessed by a number of task tabs has been replaced by conceptual tabs which only appear when they are clicked on. This has considerably helped in cleaning up the workspace of the document area, which was one of the main problems of previous versions of Word. These are just some of the numerous reasons why you should buy Microsoft Word 2009 out of the Microsoft Office pack.

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