Get What You Want When You Buy a Digital Photo Frame

With an overwhelming number of models on the market now, just what should you look for when you buy digital photo frame? Here are important points to consider before you commit, so you can get the best digital photo frame to suit you.

Aspect Ratio

The whole point of buying the frame is to show off your photos, right?

Aspect ratio is the scale your photos are sized to when appearing in the frame. Most digital cameras snap photos using a ratio of 4:3, so if you don’t want your photos cropped, then choose a frame matching this ratio. There are also digital photo frames available with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and although you run the risk of cropping the top and bottom of a photo, the image appears in a widescreen style, great for panoramic landscape shots.


When it comes to resolution it’s simple, the higher the number of pixels per square inch, the sharper the image displays. Don’t consider buying a frame with a resolution lower than 640 x 480, or your pictures could end up with the ‘cubist’ Picasso appearance.

Personal Budget

Digital photo frame functions comprise an ever-growing list! Prices can range from £50 to over £150 accordingly, but many people’s first priority is purely to display photos on their desk at work. Before you run out and spend a fortune on a frame that streams images and radio directly from the web, delivers you the news through text feeds and even displays the temperature, reflect on whether you will really use all of these features?

Buy a digital photo frame to suit you. Weigh up functionality against what you’re prepared to spend. With a well thought-out purchase, you’ll get hours of pleasure from your frame.

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