Where to buy a cheap PS4 in the UK

If you want to buy a cheap PS4 in the UK, you will probably consider going to high street outlets like Game or other shops ranging from ToysRus to Currys and even Argos, but you’ll get the best deals online. You could have a look yourself or check out our list of the websites with the best offers.


You might be surprised to learn that one of the best places to look for great deals on electrical items is Tesco. In their stores they have a wide collection of devices from tablets to mobile phones and computer consoles like the PS4 are also stocked in some stores. Tesco com sell a PS4 package that comes with a DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller. It's a pretty basic package but you get what you need to begin playing the PS4 and you'll earn Clubcard points on your transaction.


This is another retailer selling the PS4 for a low price. The package they're offering is the same as the one sold by Tesco, but you can pay for the PS4 on a weekly basis. In the long run you will pay more for the console this way, but the payment method will work for some. Visit littlewoods com for more info on the pay weekly scheme.


Another retailer offering a great price is Woolworths. They're only available online at woolworths co uk and they offer great deals on all sorts of electrical equipment.

Other places

You'll also be able to buy a cheap PS4 in the UK from eBay where reconditioned devices are available for a knockdown price.

Final word

The best place to buy a cheap PS4 in the UK could well be Tesco because they keep their prices competitive through their Price Promise initiative. They sell the machine for a great price online and they run Tesco Outlet on eBay which sells reconditioned PS4s so this should probably be your first port of call.

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