But mysteries remain

We might think we know all there is to know about the iPad 2... but of course, there are still as many questions as answers. Questions such as, 'what's this weird slot?'

Y'see, as often happens, photos have leaked of cases being manufactuered with the iPad 2 in mind (case manufacturers aren't as careful with top-secret specs as Apple's own contractors). And they show a large extra slot on the bottom of the pad.

'That's where the speakers are now, but it seems way to big for them,' say Gizmodo. 'It has to be something else. Kodawarisan says that it is for the rumored SD camera card slot, but it's way too big for that too. In any case, I'm very curious now.'

Us too. Any thoughts on what it could be? A slot for Game Boy games? OK, that's just us fantasising.

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