Business as usual

A few days ago we told you that Samsung were a little alarmed by Apple's iPad 2, released last week. An executive vice-president told the press they realised the iPad 2 left their new Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, looking a little 'inadequate'. In particular, he noted that the iPad 2 was 'very thin' and promised Samsung would aim to compensate, implying a redesign was on the cards.

Well, now Samsung is kinda-sorta dialling back on that. They haven't said clearly whether or not any changes to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are planned, but they do say that it's still on schedule for its announced release date of, er, 'Spring.'

In practice, that means a serious redesign is very unlikely. What Samsung might do is beef up the spec a bit, or be ultra-competitive on price. That means the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will probably be a hefty 2mm thicker than the iPad 2. But will buyers care? Do you?

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