Bored? Go to http://apps.facebook.com/facebooklive/ now! Unusually, something is happening there other than Mark Zuckerberg launching a new feature in a needlessly pec-hugging T-shirt.

Namely, a guest appearance from former US president George W Bush! Hey, you remember him? He was the one Americans loved and everyone else hated, the exact inverse of the current one.

When he flew off in a helicopter after Obama's inauguration, many thought he'd slink into obscurity. But he's got a book to sell, so he's doing the rounds of the talk shows - and, to show he's a cool dude down with the young folks and their social meejuh, he's taking questions live on the world's largest social network.

So far, he's made a joke - 'most people didn't think I could read a book, let alone write' - and that's about it. So, er, tune in! If you want. Or you could just watch one of his TV interviews. But that wouldn't be very NEW MEDIA, now, would it?

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