We take a look the the excellent Bush iPod docking station

Ever wanted to share your favourite song with your friends but were unable to because the iPod doesn't have built in speakers? Well with the excellent Bush NE7310 DAB Alarm Clock Radio with iPod Docking Station you can do just that.

Available for just £39.95 from argos.co.uk - that's a £30 saving on the regular listed retail price - this fantastic multi-purpose device will ensure that you can listen to your iPod however you want. A surprisingly slimline device, it measures in at just 13.5 x 23 x 13.5 cm, and is powered by a mains adaptor.

Not only are you able to connect your iPod via the built in Bush iPod docking station, but you can also tune into the crystal clear sounds of DAB radio. In case you're not familiar with DAB radio, it's the newest form of radio broadcasting around, and lets you listen to high definition audio over the airwaves without the need for expensive equipment.

You can store as many as ten DAB stations into the NE3710's memory, as well as up to ten regular radio stations across the FM spectrum. In order to keep track of your pre-sets, you'll be able to monitor everything on the excellent LCD display, which features a blue lit background for easy night time visibility.

The stereo speakers are more than powerful enough to keep you bopping away during the day, yet subtle enough to wake you first thing in the morning without causing panic or waking the entire neighbourhood.

For this great price you'll not find a more cost effective iPod dock anywhere, especially not one with a trusted brand name like Bush.

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