Bush 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame in Black

The Bush 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame in Black has been receiving plenty of attention among buyers, likely because of its affordable price. But what exactly does this digital frame have to offer, and is it a purchase that you should consider? Here is an overview of this digital frame.


The Bush 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame in Black retails between £50-65 depending on retailer and, unsurprisingly, comes in black. It has a modern-looking, slimline design that looks good in any living room, kitchen or bedroom (think minimalist, and you will have a good idea of its allure). The frame weighs in at 800g, so it’s not too clunky but won’t fall and break too easily either.

Picture Quality

The images displayed on the Bush 7 Inch are clear, which is not surprising considering its 16:9 aspect ratio. Resolution-wise, the frame displays at 480x234 which, while not as high as other frames on the market today, it is as you would expect for its price and size. Buyers looking for a good quality picture will find that it fits their needs, though it is by no means the highest quality frame on the market.


For its price, buyers might be a bit disappointed for its lack of features. The frame has the usual memory card capability (MMC/XD/SD/MS) and is of course USB compatible. It offers a slideshow with adjustable intervals.

In terms of digital frames, the Bush 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame in Black offers a good quality, elegant, reliable, sturdy photo frame that looks fantastic in any room, though buyers looking for an all-thrills model may be disappointed.

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