Bulletproof DVD saves fireman

An American fire chief has been saved from being shot by a heroic DVD he was carrying in his pocket. Barry McRoy was leaving the Walterboro Waffle House in Colleton County, South Carolina when two men burst in – in the middle of a fight. A gun went off and McRoy felt “something like being hit in the stomach”.

He assumed it was the percussion cap (us neither, it must be a gun thing) from the shot. Only when he found the fragments of plastic from the self-sacrificing removable media format did he realise he’d been hit with the actual bullet, which otherwise would have hit him in the stomach.

The DVD was “a gift from an employee who had recorded a TV show about fire extinguishers” (wow!). There is no word on whether it was HD-DVD or Blu-ray….

(Image: from gruntzooki’s flickr stream)

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