Replacement bulbs for golf ball coloured bulb lamps

Coloured golf ball lights offer a pleasing solution to many people's lighting needs. Coming in a wide variety of colours the golf ball shape is pleasing to the eye and complements the design of many house hold lamps.

Generally these bulbs are a medium voltage bulb that can come in bayonet, screw in and even the more modern energy saving light bulb varieties.

By being so versatile the Golf ball bulbs enable consumers to create many different moods and to tie in with even the most varied decor.

Thanks to the internet finding the exact replacement bulbs for golf ball coloured bulb lamps is becoming easier and easier.

FirstLightDirect.com offers a massive range of coloured Golf Ball light bulbs. Hundreds of colours, from basics like blue, green and red to the much more exotic shades such as apricot, rose and bluebell are provided on their direct sales website.

When you combine this with the number of different designs including highly efficient energy saving bulbs it combines to give literally thousands and thousands of options. We are sure you will find the bulb you are looking for on FirstLightDirect.com.

TheLightingSuperstore.co.uk is another player in the replacement bulbs for golf ball coloured bulb lamps market. Offering the same massive range as other online retailers but with the added bonus of offering significant savings for bulk orders, this may prove to be especially useful for the many of us who need replacement bulbs for our Christmas lights and decorations.

Happy hunting for those replacement bulbs.

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