Building blocks of a sport

We all remember the good old Gameboy days, when all you needed to have fun was a state-of-the-art expensive piece of portable electronic hardware and a new game created by a cog in the Soviet Union machine. Ah Tetris, a simpler game for simpler times.

Well there's been a new development in the history of the 25-year-old game. Tetris creator Alexey Pajinov has said that 'we are going to turn Tetris into the first real virtual sport', meaning that we could soon see Tetris leagues and tournaments like you do with all manner of first-person-shooters and strategy games.

'Sports like baseball and football were created at a time when our future was a lifetime of physical activities and physical fitness,' said Pajinov. 'But now that’s not as important, it’s more about mental fitness today.' We're very light on details right now, but rest assured we will keep you updated.

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