You can make huge savings if you're willing to build your own laptop in the UK

If you're looking for something specific from your laptop but can't quite find anything off the shelf that offers what you need without a long list of pointless, and often expensive, extras then you should put some thought into custom building your own laptop.

Now, we know what you're thinking, but bear with us while we explain exactly what you mean. We're not for one minute suggesting that you dig out that old soldering iron, buy all the components and put a laptop together yourself - even for the most experienced of computer gurus that would be quite a challenge - instead we are suggesting that you figure out all the features you'd like from your computer and let someone else do the building for you.

While it might sound like something that would cost a huge amount extra, it actually turns out to be less expensive than a regular laptop most of the time because you can specify exactly what you want and don't want to be included.

Of all the UK retailers who offer this service, we've found www.pcspecialist.co.uk to be the pick of the bunch. You'll pick a base laptop which you'll then customise exactly how you want. The choices start as low as £329 for the 10.1" Axino II netbook model, and go right the way through to the mammoth 18.4" Vortex Ultimate.

These are just the starting points of the price however, you'll next need to configure the base unit to your needs. The best way to save money here is to select the laptop without an operating system - this is ideal for anyone who already has a fully licensed copy of their favourite OS, or wants to install a free one like Linux onto their computer. Doing this can save you as much as £147 per machine, and is an option sorely lacking from high street or regular online retailers.

You don't even need to know all that much about computers, you just select the compatible options from the drop down list and tailor the system to suit your needs - it couldn't be easier to build your own laptop in the UK!

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