Budget tablet fun

What with all the fuss about the iPad and new Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it's easy to forget about BlackBerry's new and rather nifty-looking tablet project, the PlayBook. Well, they've just dropped some news that should help them stick in people's brains. The 7-inch tablet will cost 'under $500' when it launches in the US in the Spring, according to Jim Basille, the co-CEO of makers RIM.

That's on a par with the cheapest iPad, the 16GB wi-fi only model, which is $499. That might not sound an impressive feat by RIM, considering the PlayBook is smaller than the 9.7-inch iPad. But it's better than Samsung could manage - their Galaxy Tab, which is also 7-inch, starts at $599.

What does all this mean for the UK? Well, the equivalent iPad is £429, so that seems a likely price point for the PlayBook. But we've no word yet on a UK release date, so don't get too excited just yet.

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