Budget tablet ahoy

The Samsung Galaxy Tab looks like it's going to be crazy expensive; LG have just delayed their Android tablets till 2011; and the budget tablet recently sold in Next stores turned out to be a total dud. What's an Apple-hating, tablet-wanting Android fanboy (or girl) to do?

Well, good news. There's a new budget Android tablet in town, and it looks like - whisper it - it might be pretty good. Made by low-cost tech giant Advent, it's got a 10-inch form and it's running a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra chip, which means it can rock 1080p video. It has the latest version of Android, which many consider the first really usable version, 2.2. It has a slot for a 3G SIM card, it has Wi-Fi, it has a webcam. It's really pretty nice. See for yurself in this video.

Looks pretty OK, doesn't it? By all accounts it should be showing up in Dixons stores next week. Go fetch!

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