Budget Android

Here at Digitaledge we have a confession to make.

We love budget Android tablets.

You know the kind - you see them in Maplin or Tesco (or, inexplicably, Next) and they look fine, but on closer inspection they're slow, buggy and basic.

And yet, they're so gloriously cheap.

And this Arnova 8 might just be the cheapest yet. Available at (of course) Asda, it's just £99.

Not that that gets you state-of-the-art specs, of course. It has a resistive screen, so say hello to Mr Stylus, and it's running the only-over-a-year-old Android 2.1. That means not all new apps will run on the device, but that might not matter since it can't access the Android Market, making it hard to install apps anyway.

Outdated and crappy, in other words. But so, so cheap! And as CNET cheekily points out, 'It does have a built-in email client, giving it one up on the BlackBerry PlayBook.' Quite.

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