BT Sport App

The BT Sport App has some great things going for them. With the big matches and an ever expanding audience, one would think that having an effective and efficient app would only be expected. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case, rather there appears to be quite a few flaws.

BT Sports Complaints


First, in order to get the BT Sport app you need to have a BT ID and BT TV or BT Broadband service. This is available for iOS, Android Smart Phone, Tablet, and any PC or MAC.

This app allows you to stream live BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, ESPN, and have access to exclusive streaming that is not shown on the 3 channels. It also gives you the option to watch any games or interviews you might have missed on demand and get involved in surveys and discussion through polls and texts.

Android app feedback:

Since coming out, there have been numerous complaints about the app. Mainly there are issues with the game freezing, crashing, getting errors, or saying the user is not connected to the internet when the user claims that they most definitely are. Some have even complained about problems with simply logging in. The list goes on and on and does not seem to be getting any better.

The compliments on the other hand are few and far between. When it does work, users say that the picture is great. Some users even say that their app runs completely smooth.

Overall though it has been pretty negative feedback and looks like BT might want to put more effort into their app.

For those that are having trouble with the app, here is a link to a BT forum that hopefully will help.


A long way to go

The BT Sport app does not seem to be anywhere near the level of efficiency as the SKY app. Seeing that they are the only ones showing many of the high demand matches, one would hope that they get it sorted it relatively quickly. For now just keep an eye out on any app updates and improvements and you will have to go from there.

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