BT moves customer email accounts away from Yahoo after hacking complaints

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BT have sacked Yahoo as an email provider to their 6 million customers after 10 years working with the embattled technology company. Despite their headline grabbing snap up of Tumblr for an eye watering 1.1 billion dollars, Yahoo have faced numerous questions of late both about their business savvy and their technological competence.

The breakdown came after BT customers who use the Yahoo service complained about hackers working their way into their email accounts and using them to generate an avalanche of spam. Having a hacker spam your entire contact list is deeply embarrassing – no matter how obvious it is that it wasn’t your fault, and with Yahoo seemingly unable to rectify the problem fully, BT took the decision to cut ties with their services. They announced that they would begin moving away from Yahoo within weeks, stressing that the new email service would “feature in-built anti-virus and anti-spam solutions”.

“We will be switching customers’ email over to BT Mail, which will include the features and functions they expect from a modern email service,” said Nick Wong, director of online for BT’s consumer division.

“We will be keeping our customers fully informed about what changes to expect and when they will be able to enjoy the new services.”

All email accounts will be moved over in their entirety and customers will be able to keep the same address to keep the transition smooth. For the customer, adjusting to any new features and perhaps changing their password as

a precaution will be the only real inconvenience unless something goes wrong in the switchover. The new email system for BT broadband subscribers will be branded BT Mail and run by Critical Path, a privately-held specialist email provider based in California.

Yahoo will not only be losing 6 million email accounts, but it will no longer be the automatic homepage for BT broadband customers who are now creating their own BT branded homepage. Put simply – it is a catastrophic blow for the company. Although BskyB – BT’s biggest rival did recently jump the other way – moving all it’s broadband email accounts onto Yahoo.

Whether Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive can take problems like this in her stride and genuinely manage to restore the company’s public image and financial health remains to be seen

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