BT Fon will push UK WiFi access out of city centres

BT has struck a deal with the web world's favourite WiFi sharing service, Fon, to extend its WiFi reach across the country and give users the chance to share their connections. WebTwitcher extends a warm welcome to the new BT Fon Community.

If you become a BT Fonero, you enable other Fonero's to share a portion of your connection and in turn, wherever you go in the world, you can log on to a WiFi network where the user is a Fonero for free. It's a fantastic concept and already boasts over users worldwide.

The new deal with BT will give Fon access to BT's 3 million customers - should be interesting to see what this does to Fon's popularity. Check out Fon's UK blog here. For those of you interested in the brains behind the service, you'll enjoy tracking the escapades of Fon Founder Martin Varsavsky, the charismatic Spanish-based Argentinian, whose energetic presence at conferences never fails to delight.

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