BSkyB buys HBO back catalogue

While it pains us to say this, signing up for a Sky subscription might well be a good move. Why? Because it’s been reported that Rupert Murdoch’s UK TV empire have snapped up the exclusive rights to all of HBO’s back catalogue.

Hands down, HBO have been the prime makers of serial dramas for the last 15 years, wheeling out top shows such as The Wire, True Blood and The Sopranos. Until now, the shows haven’t had a settled home here in the UK. But it’s now expected that the mega £150m deal will see all forthcoming HBO serials broadcast only on Sky, including the highly-anticipated Martin Scorcese drama Broadwalk Empire.

Sky are also set to relaunch Sky+ - allowing its subscribers to watch all HBO series been and gone. In a TV world that has suffered from the advertising and global financial recession Murdoch and his goons have seen profits only increase.

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