Browser.com.ng: the place to get fresh news about your browsers

Now, there is a new way to get updates and all the latest news about your computer browsers. Browser.com.ng based out of Lagos, Nigeria was recently launched in June 2012 with the main aim of putting together daily information on the top web browsers, namely, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

What the site does

Browser.com.ng brings fresh news as they happen, including comments and analyses of the situation. Recently launched last month, it has included news about the latest happenings in the world of internet browsing.

The website's interface is simple and it is easy to navigate around with recent posts shown on the side menu. A few categories appear on the site dedicated to browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. There’s also a section (Misc) covering topics that are not directly related to internet surfing and browsers such as regulations, rules, experiments, patents, security, and programming news.

Take the example of its article on the EU move to protect the privacy of internet users. It gave an account of how the EU and Microsoft do not always agree on everything. However, with the release of Internet Explorer 10, the EU sided with Microsoft, agreeing that having the 'Do Not Track' button turned on by default does not constitute a violation of user privacy. However, the EU insisted that a dialog box should appear when the system is initialised to inform the user of this feature and change the settings as desired.

If you want to know the latest on Firefox, a recent blog post mentioned the utility of the browser for Android users. It featured a report on the recent version of Firefox and its improvements on speed and security, two prevailing concerns raised by many users.

The site not only provides updates on new features and tweaks of important browsers, but also takes a peek on future developments. Its recent commentary on Apple’s Safari 6 browser is insightful with excerpts from the top guns of the company.

And if that’s not enough for tech lovers out there, there is also information on browsers running on tablets and phones. Articles are easily understood by the ordinary user without the use of technical jargon, making the blog posts easy reads. A search box is also integrated if you want to find specific or older articles. There is a comment box as well for suggestions. Ideas for site improvement and even topic issues which are not covered by the editors are welcome.

The future

Browser.com.ng is still a new site, but they have exciting developments on the way. Not only will we hear about the latest news on the leading browsers, there will be updates on security issues and plug-ins available. We also want to see links to downloads for updated versions of browsers for convenience, if possible.

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