Browser wars update

Firefox may have the open-source, fuzzy hippy cachet. Chrome may have speed on its side, as well as the unfair advantage of now having a whole operating system based on it. Internet Explorer has the significant boost of coming with every copy of Windows, although that's not as much of a help as it used to be, in Europe at least.

But for hard-core nerds the browser of choice has long been Opera. Never heard of it? Neither have most people. But the browser - made by Norway's Opera Software, so it's the main focus of its makers - is beloved of web specialist-types. It's fast, flexible, and clean of appearance.

And now it's better than ever. Opera 11 launched yesterday with a host of new features. The coolest is probably 'tab stacking,' which makes it easy to group tabs relating to a particular project together to make them easier to sift through. It also features crazy 'navigation gestures' which let you activate simple commands like 'back' by right-clicking and flicking your finger/mouse around. Check out this video for a clearer explanation:

Whaddya think - is this your browser of the future? Or are you happy with what you're using? What are you using, anyway? Let us know below.

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