Cheap Brother Printers


The modern day Brother Printers sells printers and printer accessories to over 100 countries around the world, but it started out with humble beginnings.

Brother Printers started over 100 years ago in the Japanese city of Nagoya, arriving in London in 1959.

In 1968, the Brother company moved the headquarters of its operation into a former major sewing factory owned by the Jones company in the North West city of Manchester.

Three years later Brother released the first ever high speed dot matrix printer, a significant technological advance at the time.

2004 saw the Brother company create the world's smallest contained mobile printer, once again leading the technological curve.


Modern Day Range

While Brother started out as a printer and print accessories company, it now provides consumers with all in one printers, scanners, photocopiers, fax machines and mobile printers.


Where to Buy a Cheap Brother Printer

Cheap Brother printers are widely available in the UK and abroad.

Consumers looking for a new or second hand printer can find the latest range of Brother's products on the UK high street and online.


UK High Street

Most major consumer electronics, computer, printer and stationery stores stock Brother printers.

Customers looking to buy a Brother printer should compare all of the prices they can find in the high street, while some vendors also offer money back guarantees and warranties, affording you extra peace of mind.



Most major online printer and stationery stores stock Brother products.

Visit the online stores at Tesco.com, Argos.co.uk, Dixons.co.uk and Pworld.co.uk, for example, and click through to find Brother printers.

Consumers buying online must remember the additional charges levied for post and packing before making an order.


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