Brother Printer drivers in depth

Brother printer drivers provide the software needed to use a Brother printer with your computer. In other words, the Brother printer drivers are the way to get your Brother printer set up for your particular computer system. It goes without saying that Brother printer drivers can only be used for Brother printers.

In general, all printer drivers perform the same function. The data that you are printing is converted by the printer driver, so that it can in fact be printed. The printer driver is what allows the printer to communicate with software applications, which is what allows computer printing to happen.

What type of software the printer driver uses depends on what your operating system is. For example, there is a certain type of driver made specifically for Unix and Mac systems, as well as Windows and DOS.

Of course, Brother makes printer drivers that can work with just about any operating system you can think of. This is in the interest of making their printer drivers more accessible to everyone on the market for a computer printer. Brother has made both CUPS and LPR printer drivers.

Though drivers are included with all Brother printers, they can also be downloaded from the manufacturer website. It is always advisable to keep the original copy of your Brother printer driver on a CD, so that you can easily access it later. This is especially true if you have an older printer model, since the driver may not be available for download anymore.

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