Best broadband deals for the UK

Broadband services are supplied into the home via several different methods. Traditionally the service was provided over phone lines but more recently faster access speeds have been over fibre optic networks. Wireless dongles can provide access over satellite or radio wireless services also. With so many different ways to connect to the internet it can be difficult finding the best broadband in the UK.

To work out what kind of service you need you should think about what you will be using the internet for. Checking emails and Facebook is considered light internet browsing and is not very intensive on broadband connections. These kinds of applications would need slower download speeds and small download caps. Should you need access to video streaming for YouTube or perhaps the kids want to game online you will need faster internet speeds and unlimited download caps.

When you know what kind of service you require our advice is to go straight to uswitch.com/broadband, this site allows you to compare the broadband service provider market quickly and easily. You can search the market by download speed or price allowing you to find the perfect deal for you.

Deals like O2's broadband and phone from as little as £12.50 per month. Boasting download speeds up to 20MB and an unlimited download cap.

Other service providers combine their Broadband service with other services. These offers allow you to get excellent value on multiple products. For example Sky triple bundle offers you free calls, quick broadband and Sky's Satellite TV channels for only £19.50 a month.

Keep in mind things like the length of contract, download speeds or monthly download caps as differences in deals could make all the difference.

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