Save money on your monthly outgoings with value broadband in Mullingar

Despite the fact that broadband has become the de facto internet standard globally in the last decade, there are still many people who are either paying for dial up contracts in Ireland, or who are stuck with eircom paying over the odds every single month.

If you tick either of these boxes, we cannot stress enough how much better you could have it if you take a look at some of the alternative internet providers in Ireland. Our recommendation for anyone who finds themselves outside the major cities in Ireland is to check out the brilliant Imag!ine from Irish Broadband - a service perfect for anyone looking for new broadband in Mullingar.

With many years of experience behind them, Irish Broadband know the Irish market like the back of their hands, and are always willing and able to provide any technical support you may need in a prompt and efficient fashion.

The pick of their packages, for our money, is perfectly suited to those of you who have multiple internet users in your home. These days video game consoles, mobile phones, iPads and touch tablets and even TVs have access to the internet, so it's worth spending a little more to ensure that your connection never gets overloaded by all the devices using it.

For this reason we recommend you go with Irish Broadband's €35 per month 7.8MB package. For your money you'll get a 7.8MB line, which should be fast enough for most requirements, as well as 30GB of monthly download allowance. If you want to upgrade this, you can pay an additional €2 per month for a maximum of 90GB download allowance which should keep everyone happy.

For more information on this package as well as their other broadband solutions, check out the Irish Broadband website at irishbroadband.ie today.

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