We check out the best deals for broadband in Laois

Are you fed up with eircom, but not sure what other options are out there for anyone searching for alternative broadband in Laois? The unfortunate thing about the Irish broadband infrastructure is that it's very much based around the major cities in the country. If you're fortunate enough to live near one of them then you're in luck, but if not then you usually have to make do with whatever you can get.

Fortunately, Laois is one of the lucky counties throughout Ireland that can boast an excellent broadband service from an independent company. Premier Broadband, based at Fairgreeen Shopping Centre in Portlaoise, have a wide range of excellent services available for anyone who wants to switch over from eircom.

If you're just a light user, Premier Broadband can offer you a 2 Mbps connection with a 20 GB per month bandwidth limit for €25 per month. While this won't suffice for hardcore web users, it should be enough for anyone who simply wants to keep in touch with their friends and reply to emails.

The Premier Plus account offers you a 4 Mbps connection with a 50 GB per month bandwidth limit for €38.99, which should be sufficient for most families or couples living on their own.

If you want to go all out, for just €49.95 per month you can get a 10 Mbps connection with a 100 GB download limit, also known as the Airmax 10 service.

For more information on these services or to find out of Premier Broadband serve your are, check them out online at premierbb.ie or give them a call on 057 867 9963.

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