Be There's broadband internet deals

Be There, a broadband internet provider owned by Telefonica, the company which also owns O2, is one of the UK's best rated internet providers - probably surpassing that of its sister company O2. Even though the two services provide basically the same speed, Be There's extra benefits push it into the advantage. You can find Be There's homepage at BeThere.co.uk.

There are three broadband internet packages available with Be There:

  • Be Value: 12 meg download speed, 1.3 meg upload speed, unlimited usage (£17 per month)
  • Be Unlimited: 24 meg download speed, 1.3 meg upload speed, unlimited usage (£22 per month)
  • Be Pro: 24 meg download speed, 2.5 meg upload speed, unlimited usage, 1 static IP address (£27 per month)

These speeds are much faster than the competition, and have the extra benefit of allowing unlimited usage. Be There is one of only a few broadband internet companies to allow this in the current market.

Unfortunately, not all of the United Kingdom is eligible to receive Be There's broadband, and many areas which can access it cannot do so at the full 24 meg speed. On the Be There homepage, you can test the broadband internet speed which your address will currently allow by entering your telephone number.

It is well worth completing this test: if your landline phone is not eligible to receive a download speed above 12 meg, then it is not sensible to register either the Be Unlimited or Be Pro packages, since you will not be able to enjoy the faster speeds. In this, you should stay with the Be Value deal - although the speeds which you can access are likely to continue improving, so keep checking and one day it might make sense to take a faster contract.

Be There's broadband internet supply is renowned not only for its great speed, however. It is also famous for the quality of its customer service, including its excellent UK based telephone adviser network, and its incomparable online community, featuring member support, technical help, and lots of vibrant discussion.

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