We check out the best deals on broadband in Westport Mayo

If you're fed up of paying over the odds for your slow and limited eircom broadband connection, then we recommend you start to look elsewhere for real value for money. There are plenty of savings to be made on your broadband in Westport Mayo if you take the time to check around online.

Fortunately, we've already conducted an in depth search and are able to give you the results of our findings. Regardless of the speed of connection you're looking for, we thoroughly recommend that anyone outside the major metropolitan areas in Ireland switches their broadband connection over to the excellent Imag!ne from Irish Broadband.

Their packages start at just €15 per month, which gets you a 1MB line on top of 10GB of monthly download allowance. If this doesn't sound like enough to get you through the month, you'll be able to add an extra 60GB of download allowance to your account every month for an additional €2, making it a very reasonable €17 for 70GB of bandwidth every month - more than enough to keep most internet users happy.

If you would class yourself as a heavier internet user, then you'll certainly be interested in the brilliant €35 package from Imag!ne. With this one, you'll get a 7.6MB line, a contention ratio of just 12:1 and a 30GB download allowance. Once again, you'll be able to add an additional 60GB of download allowance for just €2 extra per month, giving you a total of 90GB bandwidth for just €37 per month - that's cheaper than eircom's most basic connection!

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