Who provides the best broadband in the UK?

It is amazing to think that only 20 years ago most people had not even heard about broadband as it is now one of the most widely used services in the UK. Allowing you to play online games, video chat and send and receive emails all at super fast speeds.

Broadband services can be brought into the home in a few different ways, either via phone lines, fibre optics or over satellite or radio wireless services. Each of the different broadband service providers will have their own systems and in order to find best broadband connection for you, you should consider what you will use the service for.

Fast internet applications like online gaming or a home office needs a broadband service with a fast download speed and a big download cap. Light internet surfing like web browsing only requires slower speeds and a small monthly download allocation.

Once you have identified what kind of service you need you should consult broadbandgenie.co.uk, this market comparison site allows you to quickly search for the best broadband in the UK. Allowing you to search by cost, service provided and download speeds it is the perfect place to find the best deals.

Deals like O2's broadband and phone from as little as £12.50 per month. Boasting download speeds up to 20MB and an unlimited download cap.

Other service providers combine their Broadband service with other services. These offers allow you to get excellent value on multiple products. For example Sky's TV triple offer, free calls , quick broadband and Sky's Satellite TV channels for only £19.50 a month.

Be mindful of the terms and conditions with these services. Contract length, download speeds and download caps might be unsuitable for your needs.

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