Get the best deals on broadband in Co Clare today

With everything becoming more and more focussed on the internet these days, it's almost essential that you have a solid, reliable broadband connection in your home. It's not only computers you need broadband for these days either, you'll also need it for smartphones, internet tablets, iPads and video game consoles, so if you'd like to save money we can recommend some of the very best deals out there.

When looking for broadband in Co Clare your options aren't exactly varied. For the most part people tend to stick with eircom, but the fact is that their packages cost many times those of their competitors. When you're looking for value for money we strongly recommend that you look elsewhere to find it.

Our main recommendation for those of you living in Clare is Imag!ne from Irish Broadband. Although they don't offer the super fast connections that you'll find in the major metropolitan areas like Dublin or Galway City, you'll be able to get a decent speed connection and enough bandwidth to keep you going for much less than the cost of even the most basic eircom package.

DSL deals with Irish Broadband start at just €15 per month for the 1MB package. With this you'll get a 1MB line with 10GB download allowance per month, although for an additional €2 per month you can add an extra 60GB of download allowance to your account. If you're going to be using your connection to view YouTube videos or download music, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this add on.

Other packages start from as little as €25 for a 3MB connection with 20GB download allowance, which might be more suitable to those of you who have more than one computer or internet capable device in your home.

For more information you can check out the Irish Broadband website at irishbroadband.ie.

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