Getting broadband in Carlow soon? Check out WiMax!

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WiMax has now arrived in Carlow! WiMax from Imagine works on 4G wireless technology, allowing Irish customers to avail of home phone and internet service without the high line rental charges. WiMax broadband in Carlow is among the fastest and most advanced packages you can get anywhere in Ireland.

With WiMax, you get super-fast broadband on a solid WiFi connection. Your allowance is not restricted, meaning you can surf the internet and download as many movies as you wish. Making phone calls couldn't be easier. You simply plug your phone line into the WiMax Home hub. Calls cost just a fraction compared to what some other companies charge. There are 4 packages available for you to choose from which are:

  • 1Mb WiMax - €25 per month
  • 3Mb WiMax - €30 per month
  • 7 Mb WiMax - €35 per month
  • 10Mb WiMax - €45 per month

The above relate to download speeds. The 1Mb and 3Mb packages have upload speeds of up to 256Kb. The other two packages have speeds of up to 512Kb.

To install WiMax, you must pay a one off €100 connection fee. For an extra €10 per month, you can add Talk Anytime to your package. This will entitle you to unlimited local, national and UK calls.

Imagine Security comes free for the first two months. You can then choose to keep it for just €4 per month extra.

To find out more about WiMax broadband in Carlow, you can call them on 1890 929 007 or visit their website at imagine.ie.

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