Broadband Service Providers in Bray

There are only a few major broadband providers in Bray but there are also smaller companies that offer competitive rates and great service, including mobile broadband packages. The largest providers of broadband in the UK and Northern Ireland (BT, Sky or Virgin Media) don't operate in Bray.

However, when looking for the right broadband package you should always check any download and upload limits. Smaller companies are more likely cap internet usage to allow them to meet profit margins, whereas larger companies don't need to do this; unfortunately, as there are only a few international broadband providers in Bray, you're likely to come across more companies offering cheap broadband with capped usage limits.

In some cases you can find cheap broadband with promising data usage, such as 170GB which is more than enough for most family homes. The speed of the broadband your receive will depend largely on the price offered by the company and the availability of high speed broadband in your area; in most cases you can upgrade to a faster connection, but make sure your new connection is as fast as the company states. You could be upgraded and later find that the speed quoted in your upgrade actually isn't available in Bray.


Home Vision

Home Vision broadband is Bray is available at 38 euro per month with a download speed of 8MB and an upload speed of 1MB. Data allowance is not capped and the set up/equipment cost is free.

Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom's 10MB internet includes line rental and a capped 170GB allowance per month at only 39.35 euros per month. Installation and equipment cost is also free.

Vodaphone Ireland

Vodaphone Ireland is one of the leading providers of broadband in Bray with a total download speed of 8MB and a upload speed of 512KB. Installation is free and internet usage is capped at 40GB per month. The total cost for the plan is 40 euros per month but is considered a reliable broadband provider despite is more expensive price.

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