Finding the best broadband connection

Broadband allows you to work from home, play online games and download the latest movies and chart topping tunes direct to your home and record speeds.

Broadband is delivered into the home in several different ways. Over a phone line, via a dedicated fibre optic network or over one of the many wireless broadband providers.

To find the best best broadband connection for you it is important to think what you will use broadband for. If it is only to check emails and log onto facebook you might only need a slower less expensive connection. However if you intend to game online or stream videos from sites like YouTube then you will need a much faster service.

By using sites like uswitch.com/broadband or broadbandgenie.co.uk you can compare the broadband market in your area. Each of these sites will detail the best services available to you broken down via cost and what services are included in this price.

In our research we have come across some amazing deals. Services like TalkTalk's broadband and phone from as little as £3.25 per month. This service comes with a 40GB download cap and download speeds of up to 24MB.

Plusnet offer a free wireless router, a 10GB download limit and download speeds up to 20MB all for only £6.49 a month.

Other service providers like Sky TV combine their Broadband service with Sky TV and phone package with free calls for only £19.50 a month.

Remember to shop around for the best deals and be aware of download speeds and download caps which could ruin a potentially good deal.

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