Brits are connected and increasingly mobile

Over half of UK adults are now on broadband, according to recent stats from Ofcom's latest Digital Progress Report. A significant step up from the 39 per cent using high speed internet access last year.

In addition, BT said this week it would be cutting the amount charged to other internet service providers by 9 per cent on 1 May. Which means ISPs in return can (hopefully) pass these savings on to us.

The interesting thing to note about Ofcom's latest report, is that we Brits are moving towards an increasingly web connected lifestyle. One in 10 of us use internet telephony services (eg VoIP, voice-over internet protocol, like Skype) and half of us have watched video content online.

One in five of us own a laptop with Wi-Fi networking capabilities built in, and a third of UK adults have an internet-enabled mobile phone.

Ofcom does have some interesting RSS feeds you can add to your MIX page, but they're not exactly easy to find. However WebTwitcher's scouted around for you and two of the best (news and the telecoms consultations) can be found below.


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