Britons send a billion texts a week

Despite the fact that everyone in the world seems to be communicating exclusively on Facebook these days, we’re still texting more than ever. Text messaging in the UK is growing faster than anyone expected – we now send a billion texts a week, according to the latest figures from the Mobile Data Association. That’s as many as were sent in the whole year of 1999.

The association said more businesses were now using SMS to “communicate urgent messages to employees” (“you’re sacked” has been a popular one in the past), and people were also subscribing to news and sport updates via text. However our own (very) informal research suggests that most of those billion messages still follow one of three key templates:

1) “he is fully checkin u out”
2) “omg u r wel fit c u l8r???”
3) “This is your mother, pick up the phone or you are grounded for a week.”

(Image: from Nate Steiner’s Flickr stream)

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