British man sells his life on eBay

A British expat living in Australia, who decided to sell his life on eBay after a failed marriage, has found out that not all bids on the popular online auction site are trustworthy. Ian Usher decided to flog off his house, his friends and his job in Perth in order to start a new life.

Bids from bogus accounts reached as high as A$2m, but an unnamed Australian bidder lodged the winning bid of A$399,300 (£192,276). The successful bidder will not only receive Usher's home and its contents, they will also be offered a two-week trial at the rug shop where he worked as a shop assistant.

Usher, who is originally from Darlington, set up the site www.alife4sale.com in March in an attempt to promote the sale. He now plans to use the money earned from the auction on eBay to travel the world.

Ian Usher, a life for sale on ebay

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