British housewives spend half of free time online

British housewives spend nearly half of their free time online according to a new survey carried out by TNS. The study found that home-makers in the UK spend 48 per cent of their leisure time on the internet in comparison to 38 per cent in the US.

Shopping and socialising are the two main activities carried out by internet moms, with over one billion pounds being spent online each month in the UK alone despite the credit crunch. According to the market research group Mintel over 68 per cent of Britons shop online with only Germany ahead on 78 per cent.

The TNS vox pop also found that 25 per cent of people's friends in Britain are online buddies with whom there is no real world contact. Also, one in four of the people surveyed had met someone in the real world that they first got to know vie the web.

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