British gamer pwns the competition at World Cyber Games

As English rugby fans take a deep breath from Saturday’s excitement and the pendulum of sporting opinion starts its traditional swing from carping defeatism to ludicrous over-expectation, one British representative is quietly delivering the goods with victories over Germany and the USA on the way to victory.

Gamer Shaun Clark – screen name Apollooo – has secured the UK’s first gold medal at the World Cyber Games in Seattle, winning the Command & Conquer 3 tournament. His victory takes Britain to sixth place in the overall medal table and earning him a cheque for $12,000.

With the dollar the way it is at the moment, that doesn’t go too far: translate it to pounds and it’s just short of six grand, barely enough to pay for a T1 line and a cranked-up PC with extra cooling fans, transparent case and neon lights.

Surely this man needs some Lottery funding – you know the Australians would do it. Let’s start the applause here…

(Image: from Rance Costa's Flickr stream)

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