Brazil nuts

A Brazilian court has ruled that Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City should be pulled off shelves (and removed from online sales) worldwide after it was found to contain unauthorised content from an eight-year-old DJ’s dad. Seriously.

The problem stems from that funky track (which you can see below in a handy video) in The Ballad of Gay Tony called ‘Daniel Haaksman - Conga Kid feat. MC Miltinho’ in the official soundtrack, which a court in Barueri in Sao Paolo has ruled contains an unauthorised sample of ‘Bota o Dedinho pro Alto’, by Brazilian composer Hamilton Lourenço da Silva, father of MC Miltinho. That’s the eight year old boy by the way.

The court has issued an injunction that says that Rockstar Games and Synergex ‘are restricted from trading and distributing the expansion Episodes From Liberty City’ worldwide, and has also ruled that a fine of R$ 5,000 will be charged for every day that game remains on sale. Let’s see how successful they are in enforcing this ruling eh?

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