'Brat Nav' - the latest Hoodie accessory alongside an Asbo?

Keeping track of wayward children has become a lot easier since the launch of Buddi - mum Sara Murray's latest invention for parents to stay informed as to where their beloved are.

Over 2000 of the small GPS trackers have been sold - dubbed the Brat Nav - which can track a child via satellite navigation within 3 metres of accuracy. Parents concerned about whereabout just log on to Buddi.co.uk to locate their child on the map.

The gadget can also be used in an emergency, as it also comes with a panic button that alerts an emergency call centre which informs parents, friends, local authorities and the police if required.

At the time of writing, a Buddi device cost £299, with a year subscription to the Buddi service at £240. A quick scout on their website also revealed PetBuddi - the mini version for attaching to Fido when he runs off chasing squirrels.

WebTwitcher thinks it's a noble idea, however doubts that the teenage population would appreciate being tagged and tracked. Although if they market it right, Brat Nav could be seen as the latest Hoodie must have, alongside the ever popular Asbo.

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