Brands to be burnt at the stake in London

Self confessed brand slave Neil Boorman (think Shoreditch, East London, too cool for school etc...) has decided to re-evaluate his values and lifestyle, and in an attempt to become brand-free, he's scheduled a Bonfire of the Brands on the 17th September. The bonfire will be built from his possessions including clothes, shoes, furniture etc and his blog is tracking the events running up to the day of brand reckoning.

WebTwitcher has to admit she is slightly skeptical of Bonfire of the Brands...it promotes very nicely the label guru's new book, scheduled for release in 2007. And renouncing brands is not really a new thing. Artist Michael Landy tried something a little more ambitious a few years ago in Oxford Street.

Although the idea sounds liberating, WebTwitcher unfortunately hears on the grapevine that the plimsoles he's now wearing after swapping his heavily labeled trainers have now become an East End fashion must have. It appears Boorman is paradoxically (and very cleverly) turning himself into the very thing he's so intent on burning...I wonder if he's getting sponsored...? Great blog though, and worth putting on your MIX page. Today's musings on the call of the mall are insightful. Stay tuned to see what becomes of the Boorman Brand.


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