Apple's crazy dominance of the smartphone world is so strong we've begun taking it for granted, but every now and then you hear a story or statistic that really brings it home. Like this one: according to a new survey, 35% of the public want an iPhone 5. Even though no-one knows what the iPhone 5 will look like, or if it even exists. (That's an artist's impression in the pic.)

OK, we can be reasonably confident it exists: it's weird Apple haven't released a new iPhon this year already, and it would be very weird indeed if they weren't well into the production of one. But still, for this many people to be excited about a product no-one's seen is a bit crazy. If it were 35% of iPhone owners, we'd think, 'crazy Apple people - what if it's rubbish?' But 35% of everyone is a bit crazy.

Of course, the iPhone 5 probably will be pretty good. The iPhone 4 got some bad press for its supposed reception issues and fragility, but in truth it was a great, hugely advanced phone. (Still is.) So the chances are these 35% are going to be happy with their iPhone 5 when they get one (and if they all get one, Apple is going to be really, really rich.)

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