Brain training online with Lumosity

Brain Training and Brain Age on the DS perfectly combine all that is good with gaming and self improvement honing your mental prowess with puzzles and maths. The catch is that you have to shell out on the DS and then carry it around with you, and there is no way you can play it at work on a lazy afternoon.

But don't fret as Lumos Labs have released Lumosity, an online service to help you increase your mental fitness via activities similar to those of the DS's brain-training titles. Lumosity has around twelve different games such as Bird Watching, Lost in Migration and Speed Match which work on improving memory, cognitive control, processing speed and the attention span.

The service costs around £50 a year with Lumos Labs adding new games every week. But if you don't feel like splashing the cash you can also sign up here for a two-week free trial of Lumosity.

Lost in Migration from Lumosity

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