Brace yourself, Wii hits the UK shelves tomorrow

Camping outside retailers, ridiculous queues, fighting, public acts of aggression and celebrity sightings. Cabbage Patch Kids dolls going on sale in Hamley's again, you ask? No. Kids can't get their hands on those pesky Transformers? Wrong again, dear reader.

After a barrage of hype from the US, gamers across the UK will be suffering sleepless nights as their fingers and thumbs greedily twitch with excitement, keeping them awake until the Nintendo Wii finally rests in their possession.

If you want to add some Wii-flavoured feeds to your MIX page, take a look at Nintendo Wii Fanboy, QJ Wii and Wii Blog, just three of the many star struck sites dedicated to the most sought after Christmas gift of the year.

Let me know if you come across any good Wii blogs or sites.


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