Boxing Day sale laptops - are you getting the best deal?

Boxing Day sale laptops - this is where you wonder if you will regret buying one before Christmas!

In the run up to the festive season, starting from October onwards, all electrical products hit their peak prices. Many retailers have special offers around December in order to increase competitiveness and appear more attractive, but the reality is that the prices really crash in post Christmas sales. The start of this is Boxing Day.

Sites such as laptopsdirect.co.uk hold an annual boxing day sale with many of their machines discounted by up to £175. This site also offers sales on their products all year round so don't worry if you're unsuccessful on the first attempt!

There are also other Boxing Day sales to be found online, with Hewlett Packard and Dell running online promotions.

The Dell site offers savings of up to £290 depending on the model of choice, and while the sale is advertised as being a Boxing Day offer, it does in fact run for the week.

These sales are publicised through flyers, newspapers and the websites themselves through the use of promotional codes. This simply means you put a code in when you're doing your online check out and the company knows where you read about the sale.

Given the fact that laptop prices are constantly decreasing, sometimes the special offers that are available will be equally good value as the Boxing Day sales. This is particularly true if buying a "bundle" package.

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