Boris Johnson's best online homes

So Boris Johnson, Conservative MP for the genteel town of Henley, is in the running as Tory candidate for London Mayor.

Rather than commenting on suitability, WebTwitcher would rather point out a few online homes where the blonde bombshell is to be found. First up, his Twitter feed has been registered and is awaiting an update. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that stream of conscious. There's also a Facebook account awaiting more information.

Don't miss the salacious support (?) site, BorisWatch, which proudly crowns the candidate as the Mutts Nads. Add the RSS feed for the site to your MIX page...it looks like it could be rather amusing. You could also drop into the BorisShop, where you can purchase collectors items including fetching boxer shorts with "I'm Backing Boris" written on the back. Tasteful. And in case you missed Boris Johnson Vs Germany, here's the YouTube video.


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