Have you played Borderlands xbox 360 yet?

Gearbox Software may be in the news now due to the fact that they've been handed the unenviable task of crafting a game from the wreckage of Duke Nukem Forever. However, we're here to talk about the game that put them on the map - Borderlands Xbox 360.

This game altered the first-person shooter landscape upon its release in 2009, taking people's expectations of what a good shooter should be, and re-crafting them into a completely unique experience. One of its most unique selling points was the literally hundreds of guns and gun combos that can be used in-game, hugely impressive!

Borderlands isn't just a mindless shooter, it's also a deeply enjoyable role-playing game. Your character starts off at a low level as you bid to make your way in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. Gangs of thugs roam the desert, as well as some of the ugliest monsters you've seen in a video game to date!

To get through the game you'll need to use a degree of cunning and some nifty shooting skills as you build your character up slowly, improving their stats with every level with points earned from your progress and kills.

Naturally, the harder the enemy, the more exp points you'll receive for downing them. And the bad news is, some of them are horridly tough. Borderlands is a game that requires some patience to get through. If you're used to blasting through the likes of Call of Duty, then this game will present a challenge! It's time to get your thinking cap on for this marvel of a game.

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